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Nios SPI and alt_u32 bit array

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Hello guys. I have a little doubt.. Hope someone could help me.. 


I'm using the standard altera function to tx and rx on a SPI. 


The proto is:  


int alt_avalon_spi_command(alt_u32 base, alt_u32 slave, alt_u32 write_length, const alt_u8* wdata, alt_u32 read_length, alt_u8* read_data, alt_u32 flags) 


So if i want to transmit the array:  

uint32_t my_array[32]={.....}; 


I would call: 

alt_avalon_spi_command(SPI_BASE, 0, 32, my_array, 0, NULL,0); 


By the way, as you see, the function alt_avalon_spi_command wants a 8-bit unsigned pointer. So how can I figure out if I want to transmit a 32bit unsignet variable at a time ? 


Intuitively I would do something like that: 

alt_avalon_spi_command(SPI_BASE, 0, 32*4, (uint8_t*)my_array, 0, NULL,0); 


What do you recommend ?
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