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NiosII flash programmer/epcs/sdram

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Hello guys !! 


I've seen there are some posts about this topic in the forum but I can't nonetheless program my device.. 


I've generated a QSYS system with: 



niosII processor 

sdram controller 

epcs controller 


etc etc 


In the niosII processor I've set the reset vector to epcs. 

I've connected to the reset input of the epcs controller also the jtag_debug_module_output of the niosII processor. 

I've connected to the epc_control_input the data_master and instruction_master output of the niosii processor. 



In the linker script of the bsp editor I've set 'sdram' in the linker region except for the 'reset' region. 


I've verified the the sdram is correctly configured with the memtest_small nios2 application. Moreover I can debug correctly my application via jtag. 


Now I have opened the niosII flash programmer, set the correct sopcinfo, added the .sof and the .elf and then programmed the device.  


When the process ends it returns no errors and no warnings, by the way after turning off and on the device it seems the the processor is not running.. 



Any help is really appreciated ! Thank you !
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