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No Rule To Make Target: socfpga_cyclone5_config

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Hi everyone, 


I have a Cyclone V FPGA, using Quartus Lite 18.0, and EDS When trying to make the preloader, after generating the BSP, I get the error: 

‘generated/build.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/build.h’‘generated/iocsr_config_cyclone5.c’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/iocsr_config_cyclone5.c’ ‘generated/iocsr_config_cyclone5.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/iocsr_config_cyclone5.h’ ‘generated/reset_config.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/reset_config.h’ ‘generated/pll_config.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/pll_config.h’ ‘generated/pinmux_config_cyclone5.c’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/pinmux_config_cyclone5.c’ ‘generated/pinmux_config.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/pinmux_config.h’ ‘generated/sdram/sdram_config.h’ -> ‘uboot-socfpga/board/altera/socfpga/sdram/sdram_config.h’ C:/intelFPGA/18.0/embedded/host_tools/cygwin/bin/make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-altera-eabi- MAKE=/bin/make CYGPATH=C:/intelFPGA/18.0/embedded/host_tools/cygwin/bin/cygpath HOSTCC=x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc HOSTSTRIP=x86_64-w64-mingw32-strip -C uboot-socfpga socfpga_cyclone5_config make: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/.../QuartusCode/soc_system_160807_restored/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga' make: *** No rule to make target 'socfpga_cyclone5_config'. Stop. make: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/.../QuartusCode/soc_system_160807_restored/software/spl_bsp/uboot-socfpga' make: *** Error 2 


Which is strange since not 5 minutes before hand I was able to successfully run that command before I realized I did not enable FAT in the BSP editor. But now it won't work whether or not FAT is selected. I've tried restarting, regenerating the BSP, recompiling Quartus project, then regenerating, no dice. Was wondering if anyone had any advice?
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Alright I figured it out in case anyone else is having the same issue here is the issue: 


In the folder: C:....\soc_system_160807_restored\software\spl_bsp\uboot-socfpga 

There is a file called Makefile.orig. I edited out the .orig to make it just Makefile and it got rid of that error.
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