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OSFLagPend blocking the thread even after timeout is happening.

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1. I am using OSFlagPend(ucos-iii) to block a thread to wait for an event for 180seconds (OS_CFG_TICK_RATE_HZ is 1000u). 

It is working fine i.e when the event is posted my thread is resuming the execution but when it doesn't receive any event within specified time it is getting blocked. 

Normally it should resume execution when timeout happens. Any Ideas? 


2. One more problem is ...delay function OSTimeDlyHMSM is not working, when I used OSTimeDlyHMSM(0,0,30,0,OS_OPT_TIME_HMSM_NON_STRICT,&oserr); the thread is getting blocked forever. 

Any idea? 


Thanks in advance.
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