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Problem for Downlading ELF

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i request your help for helping me to fix a bug. 

i can't use the Run'as hardware feature since three weeks now. 

Before this time i have make little démo but now nothing since to works. 


the IDE of altera report me two error when i launch Run'as harware 


here is the first in the console box :  


and here is the second at the end of Run'as test:  


I use a Nios II F with Reset vector to EPCS Flash adress 0x0 and exceeption vector to SDRAM in 0x20. 

my custom Sram timing is 100 for delay and 70,20 for duration. 


i can't send you more image and do more test if you want to help me. 


Thanks !
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Does your project path contain a space by any chance? This happens for example if it is somewhere in "Documents and Settings". In that case move your project elsewhere, in a folder whose name doesn't have any space.

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