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Problem with configure FPGA by preloader with SD/MMC stored the rbf file

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Hi, guys! 

I followed the Altera ug_soc_eds.pdf guide with edition 14.0 to configure FPGA by preloader 

with RBF file stored in SD/MMC(which is shown in page 135/159). The guide said that I need 

to Modify <bsp directory>/uboot-socfpga/include/configs/socfpga_common.h to have macro 

config_spl_fpga_load defined. but when I open the file I only found the macro have been 

defined like below:789 /*enabled program the FPGA */ 



I think the above is to make sure that the macro is undefined, and this maybe means the 

default configure will disable preloade configure FPGA. 

And the guide says before I change the .h file I shoud fire make preloader with the FAT_ENABE 

checked. I follwed this and make succeed. After that I comment the line 790 and add the line#define CONFIG_SPL_FPGA_LOAD 


After changed it, when I make the image the below message shows: 

spl.c: In function 'spl_program_fpga_sd_fat': 

spl.c:238:8: error: 'CONFIG_SPL_SDRAM_ECC_PADDING' undeclared (first use in this function) 


spl.c:238:8: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in 

make[3]: *** [/WinF/mywork/] Error 1 

make[3]: Leaving directory `/WinF/mywork/' 

make[2]: *** [/WinF/mywork/] Error 2 

make[2]: Leaving directory `/WinF/mywork/' 

make[1]: *** [spl/u-boot-spl.bin] Error 2 

make[1]: Leaving directory `/WinF/mywork/' 

make: *** [uboot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl.bin] Error 2 


And when I checked the documents for GHRD 13.1 on I found that they only support  

configure FPGA by preloader with QSPI not SD/MMC. So I want to know the current(14.0) edition really 

still not support configure FPGA with rbf stored in SD/MMC. If this is the truth I think the current soc_eds  

guide maybe misleading. 


Or somebody may help me found that I should change somewhere else to make the compile succeed. 

Thanks in advance! 


[Note] I use CentOS 6.5 x86_64 and Quartus 14.0.
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