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Q:Maybe git-pull is broken?

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Or if you installed from the nios2-linux tarball as InstallNios2Linux, 

cd nios2-linux/toolchain-build 


git pull origin 

cd nios2-linux/u-boot 

git fetch origin 


git checkout -b my_nios2 origin/master 


When I input the command "git pull origin" in the nios2-linux/toolchain-build folder like this: 


# git pull origin /usr/local/libexec/git-core/git-pull: line 282: exec: git-merge: not found fatal: 'pull' appears to be a git command, but we were not able to execute it. Maybe git-pull is broken? #  


What's wrong with it ?  

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We will proceed to build the toolchain. If you don't want or fail to build it yourself, you may use the prebuild BinaryToolchain. 

If you work on x86_64, 64 bits platform, you will need to change the arch to 32 bits , with "setarch i386" , to build gcc. 

cd toolchain-build 


gcc --version  

git clean -f -x -d # clean on restart 

make gcc elf2flt gdb-host 


I do it above,but 

checking for nl_langinfo and CODESET... yes checking configuration for building shared libraries... supported updating cache ./config.cache configure: creating ./config.status config.status: creating Makefile config.status: creating doc/Makefile config.status: creating examples/Makefile config.status: creating shlib/Makefile config.status: creating config.h config.status: executing default commands make: Entering directory `/home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/gdb-host/readline' rm -f readline.o gcc -c -DHAVE_CONFIG_H /home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/nios2/bin/nios2-elf-gcc- -I. -I/home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/../insight/readline -DRL_LIBRARY_VERSION='"5.1"' -g -O2 /home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/../insight/readline/readline.c gcc: /home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/nios2/bin/nios2-elf-gcc-: No such file or directory make: *** Error 1 make: Leaving directory `/home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/gdb-host/readline' make: *** Error 2 make: Leaving directory `/home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/gdb-host' make: *** Error 2 make: Leaving directory `/home/nios2-linux/toolchain-build/build/gdb-host' make: *** Error 2 #  

Is it right ? 

Thanks !
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