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QSPI booting problem

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I am working on arro cyclone v soc kit.I built preloader image with boot from qspi option enabled.I programmed qspi flash by using following command. 


quartus_hps -c 1 -o PV -a 0 preloader-mkpimage.bin 


on altera command shell it is displaying program and verification from flash is successful 

.I changed BOOTSEL settings to boot from flash(BOOTSE[2:0]110]on board. 

I am expecting some prints on uart console.console is not displaying any messages.pls help me how to boot preloader from the QSPI flash.
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I have a custom board with cyclone V SOC . I have a 1Gbit QSPI flash attached to the HPS portion of SOC. I want to boot the HPS with qspi flash. I able to do it debug mode. But not able to do it in program mode. what i mean is that i am able to load the rbf files into the qspi flash and read back this files and program the fpga successfully in debug mode. But when i try to do it program mode it is not working. I have generated preloader_-mkpimage.bin file with all the necesssary settings as mentioned in HPS qspi boot guide documentation. i load this preloader-mkpimage in 0x00000000 address of QSPI flash using the commands in SOC Command shell. then i load my application bin file generated after compilation of my design at 0x60000 address of flash by using commands in SOC EDS Command shell. Both this operation is successfull. MSEL pins are correctly selected for QSPI Boot. When i reboot the equipment the system is not booting. Am i missing certain settings at bsp generation or in make file or the linker file. Please specify.





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