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Qsys error

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i´m using Quartus II 12.1 and Altera NEEK cyclone III edition and I wants to view data on LCD display. I have used pdf file - Nios II System Architect Design, where is described how to run picture viewer on device, I have downloaded project Picture viewer from  

When I generate qsys file from downloaded completed file, there is error:  

Error: Europa generation failed. STDOUT:  

STDERR: Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: E:/Programs/Altera 12.1/altera/12.1/quartus/sopc_builder/bin/perl_lib E:/Programs/Altera 12.1/altera/12.1/quartus/sopc_builder/bin/europa E:/Programs/Altera 12.1/altera/12.1/quartus/sopc_builder/bin C:/Users/Paeas/AppData/Local/Temp/alt7548_1815484810449788096.dir/0005_iptb_gen/europa_temp s:/tools/perl/site-lib .) at C:\Users\PAAS~1\AppData\Local\Temp\alt7548_1815484810449788096.dir\0005_iptb_gen\europa_temp\ line 5. 

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Users\PAAS~1\AppData\Local\Temp\alt7548_1815484810449788096.dir\0005_iptb_gen\europa_temp\ line 5. 




I tried to proceed exactly as instructed in pdf, but there was the same error. Does anyone know, what that means or how can I fix it?  


Thank for your answers. 


proceed exactly as instructed
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