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SBT Tools Nios 2 for Eclipse error: wsl ./create-this-app –no-make


Hello, I am working through my FPGA guide book and everything seemed to be working up until I had to set up files on SBT Tools Eclipse Nios 2, I am on Quartus Lite 20.1.1. 

When I start up the tool, and create 'Nios 2 Application and BSP from Template', and pick my files and set up the locations, when I hit finish it does stuff and then a popup:

Failed to execute: wsl ./create-this-app –no-make

Failed to execute: wsl ./create-this-bsp --cpu-name nios2_gen2_0 --no-make

In the eclipse console window it says specifically:

/mnt/c/intelfpga_lite/20.1/nios2eds/sdk2/bin/nios2-bsp: line 475: nios2-bsp-create-settings: command not found
nios2-bsp: nios2-bsp-create-settings failed


I tried to run Eclipse via the Nios 2 Command Shell but that didn't work either, I tried typing in bsp-create-settings stuff on the Shell and it said command not found, how can I rectify this?

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Hi @joker,

Thank you for posting in Intel community forum and hope this message find you well.
Quick clarification, I believe you using a window OS and have installed the WSL yes? and which version of the WSL have you installed in your window environment?

Warm regards.

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Hi @joker,

Hope this message find you well and good day, as previously we do notice some customer having issue with WSL.
Here is the recommended workaround to try, reason being of this error happening is there might be some changes in the windows OS upgrade. Please do try the steps mention and let us know if it works.

Unfortunately as we do not receive any response from you to the previous clarification that we have provided. Please post a response in the next 15 days to allow me to continue to support you. After 15 days, this thread will be transitioned to community support. The community users will be able to help you with your follow-up questions. 

Thank you

Warm Regards

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