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SPI Slave multi-byte transfers

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I am trying to receive a 9 byte length SPI message with standard Altera SPI slave component in QSys. I need to use interrupts, since I can't poll for packets in the main cycle. All 9 bytes are transferred by the master during one chipselect toggle. If I'm sending only one byte, then everything work fine. 


Here's my interrupt routine: 

void SPI_ISR(void * context) { DISABLE_INTERRUPTS(); IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_SPI_STATUS(SPI_BASE, 0x00); // Clear status register spi_rx_value = IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_SPI_RXDATA(SPI_BASE); for(spi_index=1; spi_index<9; spi_index++) { while((IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_SPI_STATUS(SPI_BASE) & ALTERA_AVALON_SPI_STATUS_RRDY_MSK) == 0); spi_rx_value = IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_SPI_RXDATA(SPI_BASE); } ENABLE_INTERRUPTS(); }  


As You can see, I get interrupt on the very first byte and poll other 8 bytes of data. 


The problem: 

I constantly get program stuff in a while() cycle waiting for the byte to be received. It gets stuck in random place: sometimes I see spi_index=5, sometimes spi_index=1. If I do data retransfer, then this routine gets completed and a byte from the middle of the second message triggers another interrupt. This causes complete mess.  


What I am doing wrong here? 


Thank You.
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