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TSE TCP Stack problem

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I have experienced a weird problem. The system is based on CycloneIII, TSE IP is connected to Marvell 88E6185 multiports switch (Port 9 as Phy). The system can send out UDP/IP and Ping. It can recieve TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and Ping. But it fails on TCP send(). It is not completely failure. It can send out a few TCP packets. Even it hangs on TCP sending, it still can be pinged.  


The "same" software works on CycloneIII NEEK. both Tx/Rx of TCP have no problems. It is hard to isolate the issue to hardware (Marvell switch related) or software (drivers). Can anyone suggest anything that helps resolve the issue? 

Thank you in advance. 

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Could you use a Ethernet sniffing tool such as Wireshark and see what happens? Especially if you have some missed packets and retransmissions, it could help understand what is happening. 

What kind of system is it sending TCP packets to?
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