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Timing measurement

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Please i try to measure timing of block on the Nios through alt_timestampe() function.  

It work fine :), but my probleme why when i measure a block that's contain for example 10 instruction (10 clock cycle) i get a big time.  

For example my frequency is 50 Mhz (0.02 micro-second), when i measure a timing of 10 addition, i should get 0.2 micro second but i find a timing 3 melli-second. 

Please help me, and if there are a method to compute number of clock cycle or number of instruction. 


Thank you
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The difference between your expected/actual results could be lots of things (interrupts, memory access, etc.) 


See this appnote for a good introduction to some of the techniques. 


And you can also use the NIOS signaltap plugin.
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