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Using NicheStack TCP/IP Stack – Nios® II Edition



I am able to run this example design successfully. But I want to modify the design . Instead of using command prompt and telnet session , I want to connect to a different machine with a separate IP address . So that C compiler in that machine(say machine A) should be able to send the commands to NIOS eclipse tool(say in machine B) via TCP connection.

Please answer my below questions:

1) What are the changes in terms of hardware(FPGA) connections?

2) Should there be a separate LAN cable connected to FPGA board etc? Any other changes in connections different than that given in the document?

3) What are the changes that needs to be done in current NIOS software application(C codes)?

4) Some settings in bsp editor needs to be changed? If yes, What are they?

5) If there are some documents/ example design which use NIOS eclipse tool to establish TCP connection between 2 different machine. Please share the same.





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Hello Yogesh,

I have a doubt regarding your questions, you want to have this is your connection now.

terminal<--Serial--->NIOS<----TCP---->PC(telnet) ACTUAL

And you want somehow this configuration?

PC<---TCP--->NIOS<---TCP--->PC (WISH) 

Best regards,

Isaac Vazquez.

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