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What's the size of my nios application?

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Hi all, 



I have a nios system in a BeMicroMAX10 and I'm using Quartus II web v15.02. I have "Reduced device drivers" and "Small C library" checked in the BSP properties. Quartus reports, in the summary after compilation: "Total memory bits 174080/387072 (45%)". This is ,I assume, for the 20KB I set the on-chip ram to in Qsys. My main.c file is very simple as I'm learning this.  



Where do I find the size of the on-chip ram for main.c or the software application? There is a summary.html but I can see the info there. 



BTW I'm using Single uncompressed image with memory initial... and programming the pof to CFM0. I have no flash ip in my qsys system. 



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If you can find the elf file, you can run nios2-stackreport to look at the total program size.  



$ nios2-stackreport *elf 

Info: (core.elf) 269 KBytes program size (code + initialized data). 

Info: 23 KBytes free for stack + heap. 


The above shown that the program size takes up 269 KBytes and I have 23KBytes remainder for stack + heap.
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