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Why I can not see the alt_printf("xyz") output?

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I implemented following simple code on Max10 dev-board: 



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# include <sys/alt_stdio.h># include "system.h" 


int main() 




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For some reason I can not see any output in the Console of the Nios-Eclipse environment. Maybe I need to re-direct the stdout in the nios-settings? If so where can I do that? 


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Yeah, that definitely is weird. If you want to change where stdout is redirected, you can do that in the BSP Editor (Right click your BSP Project->Nios II->BSP Editor). The stdin, stdout, and stderr redirection options should be on the root node of the tree that pops up. By default, it should be connected to the UART/JTAG UART that you instantiated inside of Qsys. Another thing to try would be to include <stdio.h> and use the regular printf. I know the alt_printf is a dumbed-down version of the regular printf, so maybe the regular printf will work.

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