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alt_irq_init Again!

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In my computer,there are three versions:11.0, 9.0 and 8.0. I have used them together for a month, and no problem.  

Until two days ago, I compiled my program, error occured! 

**** Build of configuration Debug for project hello_world_0 **** 

make -s all includes  

Compiling hello_world.c... 

Linking hello_world_0.elf... 

/cygdrive/e/JIDA/9.10next_stage/IN_FIR300why/hello_world_0_syslib/Debug/libhello_world_0_syslib.a(alt_main.o)(.text+0x14): In function `alt_main': 

/cygdrive/c/altera/90/nios2eds/components/altera_hal/HAL/src/alt_main.c:102: undefined reference to `alt_irq_init' 

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status 

make: *** [hello_world_0.elf] Error 1 

Build completed in 3.109 seconds 


I try many solutions: restarting my computer, deleting the .a file and build again, uninstall 8.0IDE. These three solutions do not work !  


Additional, in another computer, only has 9.0 version. It can compile my program successfully! I want to know why ? What happened to my computer, and how to solve it?
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