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bsp-generate-files SEVERE: null

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Thanks in advance. I know that I have done this command before and it has generated the "uboot" directory. But now I'm working on another project (just the GHRD for the Sodia Eval board) to embed to the QSPI and I get an error (see below). 


My steps before this command were: 

1. Use the GHRD for 16.1 for the Sodia - but utilize Q 17.0 - so I a) generate in QSYS b) recompile 

2. Use the bsp-editor to specify that I want to boot from QSPI and generate 

3. Start up the embedded-command-shell and  

a) bsp-create-settings --preloader-settings-dir=hps_isw_handoff/soc_system_hps_0 --type=uboot --settings=software/settings.bsp 

b) bsp-update-settings --settings=software/settings.bsp --set uboot.boot_device QSPI 


THEN --> when I do the "bsp-generate-files" there is the error. 





bsp-generate-files --settings=software/settings.bsp --bsp-dir=software/uboot 


q16@nxp-System-Product-Name:~/SODIA/Q17.0-withGHRD-16.1/sodia_ghrd_v16.1.0$ bsp-generate-files --settings=software/settings.bsp --bsp-dir=software/uboot 

INFO: Generating BSP files... 

INFO: nios2-bsp-generate-files --settings software/settings.bsp --bsp-dir software/uboot  

INFO: Initializing BSP components... 

INFO: Finished initializing BSP components. Total time taken = 2 seconds 

INFO: Searching for BSP components with category: os_software_element 

INFO: Searching for BSP components with category: driver_element 

INFO: Searching for BSP components with category: software_package_element 

INFO: Generating BSP files in "/home/q16/SODIA/Q17.0-withGHRD-16.1/sodia_ghrd_v16.1.0/software/uboot" 

INFO: Generated file "/home/q16/SODIA/Q17.0-withGHRD-16.1/sodia_ghrd_v16.1.0/software/settings.bsp" 

SEVERE: null 


at com.altera.embeddedsw.utils.MemoryMapUtils.getMemoryMap( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.bsp.core.internal.generator.device_tree.DeviceTreeImporter.importModel( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.bsp.core.internal.generator.device_tree.DeviceTreeGenerator.importPhase( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.bsp.AbstractBsp.generate( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.commandline.bsp.BspGenerateFilesCommand.execute( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.utilities.commandline.AbstractBuildCommandLine.executeCommand( 

at com.altera.embeddedsw.commandline.bsp.BspGenerateFilesCommand.main( 

SEVERE: nios2-bsp-generate-files failed. 



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O.K. Even though I got those errors I did the following: 


cd software/spl_bsp 


make uboot 


and compiled the u-boot image !! 


SUCCESS -- but the error above really is confusing... 


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