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dtb generation

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Hi community, 


I want to modify my devicetreeblob-file. After weeks of searching the web, I now know how to generate this dtb ( 

But I do not know how to modify it. 

I am trying to bring up two tse-interfaces ( 

I have installed Quartus V14.1 including all addons. 

Linux is built in a virtual machine, running ubuntu 12.04 LTS. 


what works: 

Linux is booting and does load the "altera_tse" driver. 


what does not work: 

Linux / the driver does not fully recognise the two interfaces. 

On boot up the error-message shows up: altera_tse c0010000.ethernet: resource s1 not defined 

(c0010000 is the base address of my first tse, the same error shows up for the second tse-interface) 

If I list my brought up interfaces with "ip addr", they are not listed. 


My questions: 

1. What do I have to write into the xml files, so Linux/ the driver will recognise the tse-interfaces? 

2. If I would add other IP-Cores to the FPGA, where would I get the information about what to add to the xml-files? 


Thanks in advance, 

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