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getc() and 0x00 bytes

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I am having a problem reading data from an UART core. The incoming data should look like 


0A 00 00 00 D6 00 0D 


but using getc(fp) or fgetc(fp) I only get the NOT_ZERO bytes 


0A D6 0D 


This is my function: 


INT8U prompt = 0; INT8U i = 0; FILE* fp; fp= fopen(UART_BU_NAME, "r"); if (fp == NULL) { fprintf(stderr, "open failed\n"); return; } i = 0; while(prompt = fgetc(fp)){ i++; printf("0x:%02X",prompt); } printf("\n\rCounted %d characters\n\r", i); //returns value 3 (instead of 7)  


Am I using the wrong function? Since it only happens with 0 bytes, I tend to believe it has nothing to do with overflows/task priority, but only with the way how the data is interpreted. 


==== LE ===== 


With SignalTap I was able to see a read request on AvalonMM bus from the RXDATA register with value 0x00...
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