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help me ,monkeyboy

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hello monkey : 

I 've done according with you about the  

[sopc builder ]$ mount 

d:\altera\quartus41\bin\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system<textmode> 

d:\altera\quartus41\bin\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system<textmode> 

d:\altera\quartus41\bin\cygwin on type system<textmode> 

c: on /cygwindrive/c ttype user <textmode, noumount> 

d: on /cygwindrive/c ttype user <textmode, noumount> 

e: on /cygwindrive/c ttype user <textmode, noumount> 

f: on /cygwindrive/c ttype user <textmode, noumount> 

g: on /cygwindrive/c ttype user <textmode, noumount> 


and the project on the windows2000sp4, nios1.01 ,QII4.1  


Additional ,when I builded the project ,a dialog about the conflict floating, but the "propose "list is glue and advices not appear ,what happen to it . 


how can I do for it ,what wrong with me? 



thanks u
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