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make menuconfig where is mount for Compact Flash AND Clarification on current branch

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Thanks in advance. 

Two questions here because it did not really make sense to split them up. 


compact flash working (on de2-115 board) should be the same as any other board.  


1. from another post the *.dts for the "cf" entry had swapped control and ide memory irq information - you need to fix your *.dts (maybe in a newer version of sopc2dts this will be fixet). 


2. it used to be you used the generic platform device pata support, that doesn't probe. so, if you use the "altera sopc builder compactflash support" 


3. with the mmu the mount/umount are already in the kernel, you don't need anything else. 




** CentOS 6.3 (not a fan - I liked 5 much better) 

I'm using -- which I just did by untaring - nios2-linux-20100621.tar doing ./checkout and the updates: ./update 


[janet@localhost uClinux-dist]$ git branch -l 


* trunk 

[janet@localhost uClinux-dist]$ cd ../linux-2.6/ 

[janet@localhost linux-2.6]$ git branch -l 

* nios2mmu 


[janet@localhost linux-2.6]$ 


My project is for the 3c120 Evaluation board and we have a Compact Flash daughter card that we've used successfully on the Cyclone4 Evaluation board. So, I want to get the kernel up and running with Compact Flash on this board.  

We started with the default MMU 3c120 design (which I verified would boot) and the hardware guy added CF - we verified that booted (can see it in boot). 

I just kept my same setting (no additions for CF) -- verified that this system booted. 

Then I did "make menuconfig" and added in stuff for CF -- SCSI disk support, Serial ATA, dosfsck. -- make -- verifed booted and can see I should be able to mount it. 



QUESTION 1 ----> 


Then I did "make menuconfig" and added in "Filesystem Applications" -- "mount" and "umount" 


"make" ERROR  


stdm++.cxx:1:18: error: stdm++: No such file or directory 


I DID MAKE SURE THAT MY host system HAD UPDATES OF PACKAGES -- as I saw in a post (unless there was one not mentioned). 

I did see that this "mount" and "umount" are for MTD and NFS -- from the "help" 


So, what mount and umount do I use for Compact Flash and WHERE IS IT?  




QUESTION 2 ----> GETTING TO -- "nios2" BRANCH  


NOW - I see from the page -- is OLD stable mmu.  

I am STILL not up to speed with GIT (wish I was) so in the instructions do I do the same thing for getting from "nios2mmu" to "nios2" ?  


$ git fetch origin $ git checkout -t origin/nios2 $ git branch -d nios2mmu 


"nios2" is the branch to use
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