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nios2-linux-gnu-gcc: /include: No such file or directory

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Hi everyone, 

I have convert the myqsys.sopcinfo to myqsys.dts,then fabricate my nios2 custom board in the uClinux-dist like this with the trunk branch! 


# cd /home/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist # git branch -l test-nios2 * trunk #  


cd uClinux-dist make menuconfig # select Altera,my_nios2. kernel config your FPGA. * NiosII board configuration * board configuration > 1. 3C120 dev board (3C120) 2. Nios Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK) 3. my nios2 custom board (MY_NIOS2) (NEW) choice: 3 

when I print the make command,the errors show: 

# make make -f tools/ autotools-cache make: Entering directory `/home/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist' make: Nothing to be done for `autotools-cache'. make: Leaving directory `/home/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist' chmod +x tools/ tools/ tools/ . linux-2.6.x/.config; if ; then mkdir -p `dirname $CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE`; touch $CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE || exit 1; fi rm -f linux-2.6.x/usr/initramfs_data.cpio make ARCH=nios2 CROSS_COMPILE=nios2-linux-gnu- O=/home/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x -j8 -C ../linux-2.6 || exit 1 make: Entering directory `/home/nios2-linux/linux-2.6' GEN /home/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x/Makefile CHK include/linux/version.h CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h Using /home/nios2-linux/linux-2.6 as source for kernel CC scripts/mod/empty.o nios2-linux-gnu-gcc: /include: No such file or directory nios2-linux-gnu-gcc: /include: No such file or directory make: *** Error 1 make: *** Error 2 make: *** Error 2 make: *** Error 2 make: Leaving directory `/home/nios2-linux/linux-2.6' make: *** Error 1 

I have set the PATH in the .bash_profile 

# .bash_profile # Get the aliases and functions if ; then . ~/.bashrc fi # User specific environment and startup programs PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:/nios2-linux/toolchain-mmu/x86-linux2/bin export PATH unset USERNAME 

I have read this thread in the 

but dont understand what is meaning of the ' you should not need CROSS_COMPILE or CONFIGURE_HOST' 


Kind Regards  

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