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After adding .qip file generated by qsys(with custom component) to my project,I am getting a compilation error 

Error (12181): Top-level entity "reconf" is ambiguous 

Error (12180): Instance could be entity "reconf" in file reconfsys/synthesis/submodules/reconf.vhd 

Error (12180): Instance could be entity "reconf" in file reconf.vhd 


If i remove the .qip file from my project, it compiles successfully and i am getting output in modelsim using testbench. But when I click "run as NIOS II Modelsim" from NIOS II SBT eclipse for this project's .sopcinfo file, I am getting an error 


Error: (vcom-1935) Unable to move temporary file C:\Altera\11.1\quartus\recprodyn\software\try5\obj\default\runtime\sim\mentor\libraries\reconfsys_tb_nios2_qsys_0_instruction_master_translator_avalon_universal_master_0_agent/_temp/vlogx807c1 to C:\Altera\11.1\quartus\recprodyn\software\try5\obj\default\runtime\sim\mentor\libraries\reconfsys_tb_nios2_qsys_0_instruction_master_translator_avalon_universal_master_0_agent/reconfsys_nios2_qsys_0_instruction_master_translator_avalon_universal_master_0_agent/_primary.dbs. 


Error: C:/Altera/11.1/quartus/recprodyn/reconfsys/testbench/reconfsys_tb/simulation/submodules/reconfsys_nios2_qsys_0_instruction_master_translator_avalon_universal_master_0_agent.vho(58): VHDL Compiler exiting# C:/Altera/11.1/modelsim_ase/win32aloem/vcom failed. 


Can anyone help me?
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