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reserve SDRAM memory - u-boot "Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!"

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I´m a VHDL guy, not a Linux one, but I want to try out the use of sgmdma Altera IP component, to write directly in HPS SDRAM of Altera Cyclone V Dev Kit. 

By now, I´m using the GHRD 16.1, and as I could see by searching some examples and discussions, I would like to reserve memory from kernel, to avoid conflicts with Linux. I think that this approach would very good to solve my project. 

So, I have just downloaded and get working the GSRD 16.1 at my kit, then I have tried to reserve memory by u-boot script just like indicated in this reference: 


So, just to clarify: by now what I want is just to test the memory reservation. The problem I have encountered is that with this command: 

setenv bootargs console=ttys0,115200 mem=512m 


I get no error, but just after typing this one: 

setenv mmcboot setenv bootargs console=ttys0,115200 mem=512m root=${mmcroot} rw rootwait;bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr} 


I get a "Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!" As you can see below: 


SOCFPGA_CYCLONE5# setenv mmcboot setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 mem=512M root=${mmcroot} rw rootwait;bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr} 

Bad Linux ARM zImage magic! 



And after that with a boot command I just can´t boot Linux. 


Could you please help with this issue? Am I doing something stupid or like that? By changing the boot.script and compiling it that error is the same... 


Thank you in advance,  

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