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tried programmer, doesn't work, 64/32 bit problem

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I have Quartus 12 running on a 64-bit laptop. For some reason it installed the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version. I have a Cyclone II development board turned on in program mode and connected to the USB port, and I brought up the programmer window. I bring up the Hardware Setup window and hit Add Hardware. It says "Attempted to access JTAG server -- internal error code 82 occurred". Auto detect doesn't work. This error appears in the Konsole window I started Quartus from: 


--- Quote Start ---  

/home/phma/altera/12.0sp2/quartus/bin/jtagd: 69: exit: Illegal number: -1 

*** The Quartus II software cannot be started because the current platform, 

'linux64', does not appear to be installed in: 


--- Quote End ---  


There is no man page for jtagd or jtag; I don't know what they are. They aren't in the path either.
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