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uClinux and VGA

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Mainly the title says it all. I am wondering if is possible VGA output is possible when using uCLinux. I spend the most of day figuring out if it was so, but so far I only got a blank LCD monitor to look at. 


This is a school project. For our idea, VGA output is one of the things we want. One of the options to realize it, is to use an embedded Linux system. The board we have to work with is the DE2-70. Not the newest, but it works. Now I have been using the DE2 Host Mouse VGA demo project to see if I can get VGA output whilst running Linux. But so far, the only thing I got to look is a black screen. I clearly defined the Altera VGA buffer in the uCLinux configuration. Mind me, due to I could not get a newer version working, I am working with a 2009 tarball. I can get uCLinux to build (Xubuntu 12.10 host running in Virtual Box) and run on the DE2-70. But VGA output remains a mistery. 


Now I have been digging a bit by myself. On the altera wiki (frame buffer wiki, cannot post link, sorry) they are attaching a different VGA controller to the Nios II, the, but that file is nowhere to be found. Everything else I can find on Altera, Nios II and Linux has nothing VGA nor framebuffer related to it. Or it requires that specific zip file. 


Or it could be, I have been so saturated in this issue for the last time, I don't see something obvious. 


It boils down this: 


Is VGA output in conjuction with uCLinux possible? Is it possible to print the standard Linux console on it? 

If yes, what will it take? How complicated is it? 

Does anyone have that somewhere around? I would appreciate it, if you have it, that you could send it? Or is there something I oversaw I newer versions of Quartus, i.e. 12.1?
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Hi,manti, do u solve your problem already?

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