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uClinux build for custom Nios2

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can someone help me, I'm trying for along time to get uClinux running on my custom board.  


I found several tutorials to do this, but non of them worked for me. Most of them i found were old tutorials. 


I'm at the point that i have a Nios2 project(sopc file, build with Quartus11.1), now i want to build a uClinux image for this project. 


Can some one tell me the steps to build a uClinux for my custom board(Nios2)? or knows a good tutorial for me? 


Any help is welcome 



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At first, please note that you are porting the Linux system to your custom board, and it is not so easy. This means that you need good and enough skills of Nios's software and hardware including other knowledge for Linux itself, build tools, and etc. Compared with other CPU's, we have enough porting guides for Nios CPU. Please read those, and interpret the script for your case. (I think that almost all maintainers of the Nios distri. become extinct :D and we can't expect any new tutorials.) 


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