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Code builder : when i enable API debug, then can't find intel platform.


Today ,when I prepare to debug the kernel using code builder tool, I enable the API debug . 

As  a  result , the clGetPlatformIDs API don't found the Intel platform, but it can found the Nvidia platform.

Because I mainly use the Intel platform , so please give me a hand .


Thanks a lot.


PC: Intel i7-8700, UHD 630,

VS2017, opencl sdk 2017.

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Hi Yitao Chang,

Thanks for the interest in using the SDK for development.

Can you share what vendor the platform was from? It's best practice to get the latest Intel® Graphics Driver that's been offered by the vendor from their website.

Any issues reported against SDK 2017 would be sighted for SDK 2019 Update 4 if they are reproduced there. Can SDK 2019 be deployed for you does it resolve your issue?

SDK 2017 contains an older deprecated CPU Runtime that can conflict with offerings in newer Graphics driver packages. SDK 2019 packaging has an updated version of the runtime that installs iff a similar CPU runtime is not already detected. Such a similar CPU rtunime can come from the Intel® Graphics Driver package.

The 2019 update 4 portal has downloads for the 'SDK' using the full Intel® System Studio 2019 installer or a standalone.

An alternative for API tracing is the cl intercept layer available on Github,



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Hi , 

  My PC is DELL , and I have updated the latest driver from their website. But when I open VS2017, the code-builder report another error, "code builder initialization failed -30".

  About the 2019 version , I don't know how to install the 2019 sdk. please give me a lot info , thanks~

  The github  cl intercept layer projects , I used it as before. However , I find that  vtune can't be completely replaced by it. Because it dose't do instruction analyze and stall/idel/ analyze OR  I don't know how to use this feature.









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