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Debugger problems... OclSocketError...

I'm trying to debug my OpenCL kernel (on CPU) with the debugging utility in VS2010 but I got a OCLSocketError message !
I work in local and have no local firewall !
I have also try to change th IP port... but it is the same ! Anyway I have no firewall so I don't understand why it does not work !
The result is that when I put a break point in my .cl file, the application lock but never go the the .cl file breakpoints !
Any help ?
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Hi Raghu,
It is a good idea but unfortunately it is not so simple. Because I use a lot of different buffers that are initialized based on 'scene' file. There are a lot of settings !
In fact, I have several kernels in the same .cl file, I can debug somes but not the main one !
I think that the best I can do, is to give you access to my repository (SVN), help you to compile and launch the application... this way you will have the real reproducer. I can help you through skype by example to compile, install and use it... even debug if you want ?
Honnestly, I don't see any other way to do !
BTW, I understand it is not easy for you to debug without a small example !
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