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Easy to Navigate Intel Software Archive?



I have some of the older Intel Xeon Phi hardware, that is, sadly now out of support. In many cases out of support appears to mean total and complete removal of any useful software or drivers, and no clear path to getting in touch with someone who can provide access to the original ICC compiler software.

The forums are pretty good, but I've found that all the links for OpenCL versions that support the Xeon Phi x100 processors are substantially crippled, and redirect to PII submission forms, rather than an actual FTP, or archive, even when you register, it is nearly impossible to find the product support software.

Is anyone else on here running any of the x100 Xeon Phi hardware? Even though it is nearly 10 years old, I have found that these cards are great for learning how a super computing cluster works. I see value in learning this, I just wish it was easier to find the software I need.

Does anyone know where I could obtain a trial license for the outdated compiler, or if Intel will decide to release the compiler any time soon?

Anyhow, hope someone may have some answers. Thank you for reading.

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