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Install intel sdk for opencl applications



do I need to use the script shared at for installing intel sdk even though my ubuntu kernel version is 4.15 (ubuntu 18.04 version) ?

I looked into script, it's installing kernel 4.7 and applying some intel related patch set. Can you point me to the script which can be used on Ubuntu 18.04 setup for installing intel sdk (opencl)? 


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Hello RajR,

The linux kernel rebuild isn't required after 4.14.20. The 4.14.20 linux kernel or newer is required with the new runtime stack for Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL Driver, which targets Intel Processor Graphics: If you'd like to target CPU, see the 16.1.2 CPU runtime on this page: Earlier kernels should be fine with the CPU implementation. See the release notes from the opencl-drivers page for more details on compatibility.

The SDK support for Ubuntu 18.04 isn't official yet, but it's expected to execute. Please try the SDK installer and pay particular attention to prerequisites called out by the installer. The gui installer makes prerequisites more apparent. This will vary system to system depending on what preconfigured packages the system had installed.

The 16.04 script may serve as a good hint for useful prereq packages that would want to be installed.



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