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Installation problem openCL sdk


Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I managed to install openCL sdk on windows, with no problem. I need to do the same thing for linux though, but I can't manage to install it. More details are given here:

Any chance you can help me with this? not sure If I have an authentication issue or not.

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Hi LucaG,

Can you indicate where you were blocked? This link was not found. Not sure what is being communicated in your post by "authentication". (Step2) has some guidance... but specifics may vary system to system. Starting from ./ or ./ is good... the installers should give most of the required feedback for dependencies desired and required.

The exception is the eclipse plugin which has a few dependencies listed on the gsg page. The java components are because the plugin front end is implemented in java, dkms and lsbcore components are for the plugins to interface through the driver stack, libicu is for charactersets, and mono is required due to the nature of the implementation. These packages are referenced in the example script file on that page.




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