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Intel Code Builder KDF (VS2017) plugin questions


I'm accumulating a list of questions from issues arising while using the CodeBuilder KDF plugin for VS2017. Here's a short list.

1. does VS2017 w/ CodeBuilder plugin need to be run as ADMIN for Analyze Kernel (EU metrics, GPU mem etc) to work?
  1.a. Frequently when I run KDF "Analyze Kernel" (using VS2017 w/ CodeBuilder plugin as ADMIN), the values of EU Active = EU Stall = 0% and EU Idle = 100% and all other GPU HW metrics = 0. No errors are reported, and the kernel passes validation. (for example simple 2D matrix mult kernel with 512x512 float buffers)
  1.b. Are the metrics shown in KDRF "Analyze Kernel" results Execution View: Advanced (EU Active/Stall/Idle, SLM read/write, GTI read/write) acquired the same exact way as VTune does? Should they agree with VTune analysis results?
2. Is it possible to view printf() statements inside a GPU kernel when using KDF to Run a kernel? (or is it only possible using a custom Host OpenCL application? which is what I'm currently doing, but KDF support would be convenient...)
3. It seems like KDF breaks when I try to use a .cl file with more than 1 kernel function in it, is this not supported? When I try to Run a kernel I get an error that "an error occurred" and the Run aborts. This occurs using kernels which run fine in KDF when in a Code Builder session with only 1 kernel in the .cl file.
Thanks, Colin Reinhardt
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