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Intel OpenCL for Xeon E5 processors and Xeon Phi Coprocessors?



I'm using a CentOS Linux server with dual Intel Xeon CPU(E5) and dual Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor(KNC).

(1) According to, the only Intel OpenCL Runtime supporting both Intel CPU and Intel MIC is OpenCL™ Runtime 14.2However, its manual only stated its support to Intel Xeon Processor E3 Family. May I know if it compatible with Xeon E5 CPU?

(2) The MPSS I'm using is 3.4.3. Does it work with OpenCL Runtime 14.2 ? Or I must downgraded to MPSS 3.3?

(3) I installed OpenCL Rumtime 14.2 and 16.1 but both do not come with OpenCL header files. Where can I download the corresponding Intel implemented OpenCL headers?  Do OpenCL 2.0 header files downloaded from khronos site work with Intel OpenCL?

Thank you.

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