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Intel Opencl SDK serial number problem



I'm trying to install the Intel OpenCK SDK for applications via command line. I set the parameter ACTIVATION_TYPE=serial_number and ACTIVATION_SERIAL_NUMBER to the serial number I received. However, I get this error:

Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due
to expired subscription, incompatible serial number, or unavailable Intel(R)
Software License Manager.


The serial number I'm using is active, according to my serial number management panel and I typed it properly (I copy-pasted it). Any ideas on how to solve this?


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Hi GabrielR,

Thanks for the interest.

To confirm the behavior, I walked through the process on an Ubuntu OS system  with intel_sdk_for_opencl_applications_2019.4.314.tar.gz *edit* standalone */edit* AND no Intel developer tools or directories (from scratch). This included removing everything in /opt/intel.

Inputting a serial number in a .cfg file and changing ACTIVATION_TYPE for the installer will block install and return the message you observed. Please try the installer without including any license file *edit* and without serial number */edit*. Per the GUI installer feedback:

All tools are fully functional without a license except the Intel C++ compiler, which requires a license file. A license file can be installed later if required.

The silent configuration file for this installer should see ACTIVATION_TYPE=no_license remain the default.

I'll follow up to get better documentation in future versions of the silent configuration file and see what we can do about documentation elsewhere.

Feedback like this is much appreciated. If you can share any other recommendations about what would make deployment cleaner for you please do.




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