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OpenCL 18.1 CPU Runtime Sha1

Hello, I'm in the process of setting up the OpenCL 18.1 CPU Runtime on Linux. However, I noticed that the SHA1 of the file I downloaded form the Intel registration center (FileName l_opencl_p_18.1.0.015.tgz, Build Date May 07 2019) has a SHA1 of 5f2fa6e6bc400ca04219679f89ec289f17e94e5d. This is in contrast to the OpenCL Runtime page at which reports the SHA1 should be 31509737eecf1657fe766318307c7a8f7f676beb. I suspect that the webpage was simply not updated after a new build, but would it be possible to confirm what the correct SHA1 should be? Many Thanks.
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Hi JamesD,


Thanks for the question and the interest. I have updated that page to reflect the correct hashes.

SHA1 of 5f2fa6e6bc400ca04219679f89ec289f17e94e5d is correct. We had a maintenence update (same featureset, same version) so the packaging changed.



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