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Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2016 R2 for Linux Released with GPU Kernel debugger Beta and kernel level analysis



I am happy to announce the availability of Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2016 R2 for Linux*. Please visit to download the version for your platform. For details check out the Release Notes.

  • Beta release of Source and Assembly level GPU Kernel Debugging on Linux*
    • Seamless debugging experience that enables you to debug OpenCL™ Kernels running on Intel© Processor Graphics with real-time inspection of variables and registers across the hardware execution units threads
    • GDB* Support
    • Supported only on 6th Generation Intel© Core™ Processors with Intel© Iris™ Graphics, Iris™ Pro Graphics and HD Graphics
  • New Kernel Development Framework plugin for Eclipse* on Linux*
    • Assembly view of generated Intel© Processor Graphics assembly code with cross mapping support (from assembly code to OpenCL code)
    • Kernel analysis report with compute matrices and deep level analysis views
    • Host C++ code generator - generates full OpenCL application host C++ code for a given session
    • Lightweight "Run" option to execute the kernel and get immediate results. You can later run a full analysis on the kernel execution session
    • Output validation - assign reference to an output buffer or image object and get immediate results if the reference does or does not match the output variable
    • Command line interface - enables you to perform most of the tasks that are available through the IDE, including: capturing a kernel execution from an OpenCL application, executing a kernel and viewing its results, viewing the kernel's performance analysis results, and more
    • Advanced buffer and image viewer with pixel overlay presentation, options for showing image as buffer, compare mode and more
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