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Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1275 v5


Hi, I currently have a Xeon E3-1275 v5.  I was trying to figure out 1) Is the iGPU on here supported via the latest OpenCL 2.0 (I only see up to v4 mentioned in the release notes) and 2) can I use it with anything earlier than kernel 4.4.  Would OpenCL 1.2 work with this Xeon iGPU?  With what I have running right now, CapsBasic fails with an error of -1001 with OpenCL 1.2 (I have found some references online saying fixing an ini file in /etc/OpenCL/vendors may help with this).  With Kernel 3.10 and OpenCL 2.0, I get a Seg Fault with CapsBasic.  I am currently in the process of upgrading to kernel 4.4 following the directions, but ideally my final system would not need to run on 4.4.

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The OpenCL version here should support Xeon e3-1275 v5:

This release is based on the 16.5 branch, supporting Broadwell and Skylake.  (Xeon v3/v4 in the release notes should be v4/v5.) 

The processor is an important part of getting Gen graphics GPU OpenCL and Media SDK to work.  Other pieces must be there too.  You need a chipset and motherboard capable of hosting processor graphics.  BIOS must enable processor graphics too.

You can check if the GPU is visible to your OS (which means your system meets all of these requirements) by checking 'lspci -nnv -s 0:02.0'.  If you see an Intel graphics adapter and i915 loaded as a graphics driver your machine is ready for install.

The patches used by the install are prepared for the 4.4 kernel.  All of the patches may not be necessary for your application.  You can port  the patches to earlier kernels but this is a manual process and our ability to help with it is very limited.  


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