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Is running OpenCL in multiple Docker containers problematic?



We have some issues running multiple instances of our CNN-pipeline in separated Docker containers. The Linux randomly enters a "Zombie" state (no reaction to anything, even to the "Magic SysRq keys" and so much network traffic that every device on the next switch is down). (see

As the problems started when updating the OpenCL driver and only occurred (until now) when multiple Docker containers with OpenCL were running, there might be a multiprocessing issue with the OpenCL driver when used within separated Docker containers (some tests running native (not in Docker containers) caused no problems, but this might just be a coincidence as the tests where only done for a few hours).

So our question is how multiprocessing is handled by the driver and if we need to add more than just the /dev/dri device to the Docker containers to avoid race conditions between the different docker containers.



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