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Only OpenCL 1.2 on Intel media server studio

Hello everyone. I have just started to program OpenCL on Intel SDK with my laptop. (I originally use AMD's on my desktop) It's stated that Intel code builder supports OpenCL 2.0 form this page.

However, after download the r5 community version for Linux and launch clinfo. It tells me that the CPU and GPU only OpenCL 1.2 is avliable.
Why this happens? And how can I fix this.
Note : I know that Nvidia doesn't support OpenCL 2.0 yet, but I want to do some stuff with the internet GPU first.

OS : Ubuntu 15.04 64bit
Intel media server studio : community 2015 r5(also Nvidia's OpenCL (installed from xorg-edges))
On chip GPU : HD 4600
CPU : I5 4210H
External GPU : gtx860m
Nvidia driver : 349
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Hi Martin,

OpenCL 2.0 is only supported on Windows on 5th Generation Intel(R) Processors.