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OpenCL Build Program Error with 1.2 platform


Hello, I am in need of some assistance...

I've downloaded and installed Intel OpenCL Applications SDK 2016 and am trying to run my OpenCL projects on Windows 10. When I select the Experimental OpenCL 2.0 CPU Platform everything goes smoothly and the program exist normally. If I select GPU HD Graphics 4000 (OpenCL 1.2) I get a run time error during Program build saying that the compiler cannot find a header file included in my kernels. 

Setup: Windows 10 with current HD Graphics 4000 driver (15.33.xx) and Intel Core i7-3630. 

I am using cl.hpp with CL_USE_DEPRECATED_OPENCL_1_2_APIS if that helps. 

Could this be the way a OpenCL compiler is handling platform versions 1.2 differently than platforms with version 2.0? Let me know if additional information can help. 



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Hi Philip,

The CPU and GPU compilers for OpenCL are quite different. Could you please provide your kernels? Are you specifying -I option to the clBuildProgram function so that compiler can find your header files included in the kernel. A small reproducer of this issue will go a long way :) If you don't want to share your code in a public forum, you could send me a private message with the attachment (our forum supports that capability).

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Even I am facing a similar issue here, wherein the code compiles successfully for CPU but fails for Intel HD 2500 Graphics. Please, may I know the solution to fix this problem?

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