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OpenCL/Dual Adapter Mode without monitor connected



I'm having some trouble enabling this mode on my Win8 machine; regardless of what I try with my setup I'm still missing the GPU device from my HD4000 device.

My setup is Win8 x64, I have an Ivy Bridge CPU with HD4000 graphics and an AMD 7970 GPU. My motherboard is a Z77 with the Lucidlogix chip on it.

I've tried uninstalling all the drivers for both GPUs and reinstalling them, starting with the latest intel driver. Even without the AMD driver installed without a cable connected to the onboard display adapter the GPU device doesn't show up.

If I enable the Lucidlogix iGPU setting in the BIOS the device shows up in the device manager as connected but the OpenCL device doesn't show up. If I disable the setting in the bios then windows reports the device is not connected to the computer (and the OpenCL device doesn't show up).

If I look at the driver details in device manager then it shows a driver date of '19/03/2013' and version '' so I'm pretty sure I'm running the correct driver.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to get this working?

For testing and dev purposes I can always just connect the device to a monitor but this doesn't feel like a good long term solution...

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Just want to make sure - the GPU device is available if the monitor is connected but not when the monitor is disconnected (dual-adapter mode or otherwise) right?



Correct, with this setup if I have an HDMI cable connected to the on-board GPU and the dGPU connected to two other monitors then I see 4 OpenCL devices; 2xGPU and 2xCPU. If I detach the HDMI cable fron the on-board GPU then I revert back to 3 devices; the AMD GPU and 2x CPU.

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Same problem windows 8 64bit pro. Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Force. Amd hd7770.

no intel 4600 opencl device unless my monitor is plugged into the motherboard.

With GPU-Z and the monitor connected to the amd , information on both the amd hd7770 and the intel 4600 is displayed. DirectCompute is ticked on both but only the amd has opencl ticked.