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OpenCL: Intel -Generating Intermediate Program Binaries with Offline Compiler


I am using Intel opencl SDK on Windows with Intel HD graphics. Would like to compile my kernel offline then use in host code with:


This link says :

OpenCL™ API Offline Compiler plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE enables you to develop OpenCL applications with Visual Studio IDE.

The plug-in supports the following features:

New project templates
New OpenCL file (*.cl) template
Syntax highlighting
Types and functions auto-completion
Offline compilation and build of OpenCL kernels
LLVM code view
Assembly code view
program IR generation
Selection of target OpenCL device – CPU or Intel Graphics


To work with the plug-in features, create an OpenCL project template \or convert an existing project into the OpenCL project. 

I want to use this feature, so I wanted to know what all I have to install?

As per the note above I should create an OpenCL project template. How do I do this? Also what do we mean by "or convert an existing project into the OpenCL project"


Also  things under this links are also not working


Try opening  how to guide in the above link 


How To Guide


Getting Started Video

Case Study

Using Offline Compiler Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio*

 It will say 4040 not found.


So please help us in getting started with offline compilation.   

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