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OpenCL for Intel ATOM X5 E3930 GPU



I'm using Centos 7.3 linux on ATOM X5 E3930 processor. From what I've read, it seems that the Atom X5 E3900 line of processor is not currently supported by the OpenCL SDK or the OpenCL runtimes drivers for doing work on the GPU under Linux (Only CPU supported).

Is that correct? And if so, is there a future release that may add support?





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Hello YairH,

Thanks for the question and the interest. Can you share the references you're referring to... I want to evaluate them to see if we can improve clarity.

Some comments:

  • That processor looks to be compatible as a Graphics runtime target. Intel® Processors Codename Apollo Lake with Gen9 graphics are listed as compatible per release notes.
    • Such Intel® Atom processor systems support OpenCL 1.2 per release notes.
    • See the validated operating systems.
    • There are build instructions on CentOS if necessary.
  • Please see the Intel® System Studio 2019: OpenCL™ Tools (Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications) Release notes for SDK compatibility information.
    • *edit for clarity 20190606* Per release notes table, Intel® Atom processor systems are not listed. They are not validated nor supported for running the developer tools.
    • The CPU Runtime expects to see a compatible platform. Intel® Atom Processors are not a supported target for the CPU Runtime.
    • A typical barebones development flow with the IDE tools will include CPU as the OpenCL target for development.
  • We can't offer comment on future support plans at this time. If developers share their demands in high volume that could help direct development goals. Can you share your development and targeting workflow goals?

If you have more questions for follow up, please let us know.

Thank you,




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