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OpenCL tools: kernel compilation stats and crashes


Hi, I'm new to Intel Iris graphics 5100 and Intel tool set, if my question is duplicated, please point me to original ones ;-)

Q1, how to generate kernel statistics? Code-Builder exposes II and ASM, but I haven't found stats, such as # of full ALU/half ALU, Nops, global/local st, etc. This would be helpful in my kernel tuning. I would assume Intel exposes it, since the ASM are exposed. 

Q2, I set gws and kernel argument in Kernel Builder, to perform "analyze" (or "deep analyze"). But Kernel Builder crashed with error msg: "Exception sending message to server: read: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". Any one met this before? 

(If it is a real bug, is there a place to file it?)

I'm running Windows 7 64bit SP1, bootcamped on Mac Mini (version, late 2014, i5-4278U, Iris 5100). With (presumably) latest Intel Graphics and OpenCL driver, tools, VS2012. The kernel is not complicated, it is pretty much a unrolled 6x6 Gaussian filter. Input and output are 512x512 floating point buffer objects. 

Thanks much for any suggestions. 


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Hi Weixin,

As far as I know, we don't have kernel statistics in our tools right now. I will ask our engineers and architects if they have some scripts that they are willing to share publicly. In the meantime, you can roll your own.

For the second question: Do you have a small kernel reproducer that reliably reproduces this issue? You can either post it here, or, if you don't want to share it in a public forum, I can contact you via email and you can send it directly to me. If I am able to reproduce this issue, I will file a bug on your behalf. BTW, what is the Graphics Driver version you are using?


Hi Robert,

Thank you much for the reply!

Sure any internal scripts or tools like this would be really helpful for us. And I will send you a copy of kernel through message. The graphics driver is