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Reduce hidden BRAM usage in ND-raneg OpenCL

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I have rather a simple OpenCL code, configured in ND-range, for graph processing application. I have 4-5 global arguments as input/output. The code structure is rather simple and short, with two nested for loops (outer for vertex and inner for edge processing, with a floating point multiplication and addition in its body), without any explicit local variable (As I know OpenCL local goes to FPGA BRAMs).

Code seems to be very simple, but when I implement it on FPGA (Arria 10, on harp machine) only 2 CU fit inside FPGA. Every CU takes around 25% of BRAMs, plus the default so-called blue bitstream (partial configuration) which takes around 30% of resources constantly.

Is there any solution to reduce hidden BRAM usage? I already removed 'strict' keyword from input arguments, as I do not need a cache for them. That reduced BRAM usage, but still it is high.





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Have you consulted the best practices guide?

Essentially examine the detailed HTML area report to determine where the block ram usage is coming from.

Also try to use the “volatile” keyword to avoid caching LSUs.


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