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Some questions on no. of threads and work groups


I have some background on  NVIDIA, and so to learn OpenCL for Intel, I would like to correlate.

In case of Nvidia, we have following rules :

1- Warp size: 32 (or in some cases 64)    

2- Maximum no. of resident blocks per multiprocessor: 8 

3- Maximum no. of  threads that can be resident on a Multiprocessor: 768 ( in older cards)

4- Amount of shared memory available per workgroup: 64 KB (48 + 16 KB )

5- No. of threads per workgroup: 512 (on latest cards it is 1024)

6- A workgroup runs only on a single Multiprocessor i.e half on MP#1 and other half on MP#2 , is not possible.

I would like to know these values for Intel HD graphics. 

I will really appreciate if somebody can point me to some links where I may be able to educate myself on this. 

Where would I get such info for intel HD graphics? Specifically I have Intel NUC with Celeron N2820 SoC  



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Have you seen the Intel(R) SDK for OpenCL Applications Optimization Guide?

This has a lot of great optimization info, including at least some of what you're looking for.  You can also look here and here.

Thanks for these suggestions as we continue to update our documentation.



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