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What things should be done to compile and run an opencl CPU-GPU application in Ubuntu?


Hi all,

I intend to compile and run a simple OpenCL application in Ubuntu 15.04 (x86_64). The application has been written by C programming language. I have compiled the application by GCC on a PC consists of an Intel dual core and an Intel graphic card. But there is a problem with #include "CL/cl.h". Could you tell me what packages should be installed in Ubuntu and where the packages should be downloaded?



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Hi Hamid Reza,

First, make sure that you have an OpenCL driver installed. For that you will need to download and install Media Server Studio for Linux and follow the following instructions:

After that download the appropriate samples here:

Make sure you can build and run the following sample:

OpenCL Video Motion Estimation Sample

There is also a standalone version of Intel(R) OpenCL Code Builder here , but I am not aware of any samples for the standalone version.


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