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Where can I download Intel OpenCL SDK 2012


Hi. Can not run hashcat on Win10, so for my T9300 Core I need "Intel OpenCL SDK 2012". Where can I find this file?

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Hi ViP,

You may need to contact the developers of the application.

Strictly speaking, running an application with a dependency on OpenCL™ devices from Intel® on Windows* OS should *not* require Intel® developer tools. Applications need only the ICD loader library (OpenCL.dll/ and a corresponding OpenCL™ implementation for Intel® CPU, Intel® Graphics Technology, or Intel® FPGA to execute. The convenient thing about recent Windows* 10 OS deployments is that OpenCL™ implementations for Intel® CPU and Intel® Graphics Technology... and OpenCL.dll are included out of the box.

Note: It's generally a good idea to seek driver updates for the Intel® Graphics Technology driver on Windows* OS. It includes stability and bug fixes for both Intel® CPU and Intel® Graphics Technology implementations of OpenCL™. Either check your system vendor's website or the Intel® drivers download page for Windows* OS systems as appropriate.

Also noteworthy, the 2012 version of the SDK is no longer available. The components from that SDK are not supported.


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